Yes Coach!

Yes Coach!

Yes Coach! is a pool-side aid for Swimming Coaches who want to get the best from their swimmers. It records personal best times for each stroke / distance along with threshold tests. It then calculates optimal swim times for each swimmer based on standard lactate threshold / VO2 Max calculations, ensuring you're working your squad at optimum levels.

Threshold tests are an important tool for coaches, allowing individualized swim sets to be planned to maximize performance and long term development. The lactate threshold is one of the best predictors of race performance and improvements in threshold levels are almost always accompanied by improvements in race performance. If you are a member of a club or just a keen swimmer, increasing your aerobic capacity with correct personalized training could significantly improve your overall performance.

If your coach isn't using threshold tests in planning your training, buy him this app and get him started today!

Yes Coach! is simple and easy to use and was designed by a fully qualified club coach to ensure that it is as easy to use on poolside as possible. If you'd like to see more detail on what Yes Coach! has to offer or need help with the app then follow this link

If you've got any suggestions or feedback on Yes Coach!, then please get in touch.